Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time for Busch to be suspended

Good day race fans! Welcome back to Puttyracing. I know it has been a while, but it’s not because I have lost interest in our sport. Quite the opposite actually, as I have been writing a weekly column over at the Frontstretch (this week I wrote of all things, about Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth).

So much happened this past week at Texas that I had to get a blog in about one thing in particular; Kyle Busch. As the title indicates, it is time for Kyle Busch to be suspended. No, I am not talking about NASCAR suspending him. After his most recent weekend filled with “Buschisms” that involved flipping off a NASCAR official and a profanity laced tirade to the folks at PRN, it would be wise for Joe Gibbs to think about parking NASCAR’s biggest villain. At this point it looks like a suspension from the car owner will not happen, but it really needs to (So I don’t come off as a Busch hater, let me say that I love Kyle the driver. His talent continues to amaze me and I think he is great for our sport. He is outspoken, aggressive, and exciting. Unfortunately, he takes it to the extreme all too often and he needs to learn how to tone it down just a little bit).

On Tuesday, NASCAR announced their penalties - probation (ooooo probation!) until December 31st and a fine of $25,000 but quite frankly, I thought the two lap penalty during the race was enough. Probations and fines aren’t going to change a driver, but when you affect the outcome of their race, it should be an eye opener. Look at Kevin Harvick, who was parked for a race in 2002 for wrecking Coy Gibbs after admitting on the radio his intent to do so. He certainly continues to makes enemies each year, but he is clearly aware of the consequences of what getting carried away are.

If any driver should know the consequences of getting suspended by his team, it is Kyle’s older brother Kurt. Technically, Kurt was relieved of his driving duties by Roush with two races left in the season, but it is the same concept. Kurt was let go with two races left in his disappointing championship defense in 2005 after an altercation with a Phoenix police officer that involved alcohol. At the time, Kurt was what his younger brother is now – arrogant, immature, and in the basement in popularity polls. Now the lead driver at Penske Racing, Kurt’s imaged has improved dramatically, minus the entertaining outbursts he will have during a race.

My point is, lets see what benching Kyle for a race or two will do for him. It is obvious he is obsessed with winning, and if you are not in the race, you are not going to win. Gibbs has gone through this before with Tony Stewart, but Busch’s temper tantrums have made even Stewart seem like the most obedient kid in the world. Tony never really got a wake up call and it wasn’t until he became an owner that he mellowed out. Busch, who already is an owner in the Truck Series, is showing no signs of mellowing out anytime soon, even after his most likely scripted apology. The only thing that may possibly give us the “new Kyle” (why did anyone think there was a new Kyle to begin with?) is to sit him out a race. As much as I enjoy watching Kyle wheel a race car, I desperately want to see the look on his face when he has to sit out a race. These next two races would be the perfect opportunity as well since he is already out of the championship hunt.

Do the right thing Joe. Pull a Chad Knaus on Kyle and bench him!


  1. Wild horses are fantastic to see in the wild. Once tamed they become just another stupid animal you have to feed and care for.

    I find it funny that everyone complains NASCAR is to vanilla yet at the first hint of individuality people want to control it. Like you can have both. You can't!

    Either stop complaining about NASCAR being vanilla and embrace it (because that's what you really want) or sit back and enjoy the chaos individuality brings with it.

  2. If you are going to ask Gibbs to suspend Kyle Busch, then in the interest of fair play, please also ask Rick Hendrick to suspend Jeff Gordon for the rest of the season. Kyle made a symbolic, but harmless, gesture. Gordon purposefully marched down the track to physically assault another driver. In the real world, we call that road rage and we call it a crime. Furthermore, Gordon is 40 years old, a father, and a supposed ambassador of the sport, the keeper of the image. Kyle is a brash arrogant 25-year old who brings life to a dying sport, not just from his driving skill, but from his "refuse to lose" mentality. Funny, that used to be Gordo's mantra. I love Kyle's attitude and if people like you or NASCAR officials or Joe Gibbs turn Kyle into an old company man before his time, it will be yet another reason for fans to tune out.

  3. Sue - I don't think the drivers are vanilla. You will never hear me complain about that.

    Anon - Its way more than Kyle flipping off the official. It is everything he has done since he has come into the Cup series. Sitting out a race, I believe, would really put his ego in check.

  4. Garrett - I don't want Kyle's ego put in check. I don't believe he needs to change his attitude one iota. Only be more subtle (fake) in expressing himself. A phony like Jeff Gordon has just proven he can get away with anything. But Jeff's never gonna win again. Is it worth it?

  5. Personally, I think Kyle Busch is a complete piece of....err, garbage. Anyways, I prefer he doesnt get suspended, only because I dont want him to get a wake up call. It is much more fun to see him win 6+ races a year, make the Chase, and LOSE BIG!!!!!!!! when he gets into the Chase, because he is too stupid to control himself behind the wheel. Why are Harvick and Hamlin challenging Johnson for the title? because they have their emotions in check. yeah, Harvick can be nasty on the radio, but when it comes down to it, they find a way. Busch gets on the radio and boo hoos everytime the car is less than perfect, then something goes bad, and it is like a snow ball rolling down a mountain. There is no such thing as over coming adversity will Kyle Busch, and sitting him out a race might help make that happen. And like I said, I prefer the immature, whiney, cry baby Busch, because "that" Kyle will never win a title at the highest level of racing....