Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Kyle better than Jimmie?

Since winning his fourth consecutive Sprint Cup, the discussion has been where Jimmie Johnson ranks amongst the all-time greats. Some have even gone so far to say that he is the best ever.

I believe he isn’t even the best right now.

Instead, I would give that honor to Kyle Busch, winner of both Cup and Nationwide races this weekend at Dover. Statistically speaking, Kyle still has some catching up to do on Jimmie, but being nearly ten years younger, Busch has plenty of time to do that.

Seeing two of the best, yet most hated driver’s battle at Dover this weekend made for a very enjoyable race. It also provided us some convincing reasons why Kyle is indeed better than Jimmie.

On every restart, Kyle was able to beat Jimmie. Before you say that it’s only because Johnson’s car was terrible on the short runs, keep this in mind – Busch was the only one able to pass Jimmie on the restarts, no one else could. If you don’t buy into this, look at Richmond a few weeks ago. Jeff Gordon wasn’t getting beat by anyone on all those late race restarts. That is until Kyle lined up next to him for the final restart. We all know that end result of that one. Going back a couple of years ago to Chicago, remember that final restart where Kyle was running second? Since I talked about this just a few weeks ago, I won’t repeat myself, but I will say it was one of the best restarts I have ever seen. Ron Hornaday has long been known as the restart master, but Mr. Busch is showing that he is no slouch when the green flag comes back out.

Did you notice that final pit stop between Busch and Johnson? It was a drag race off of pit road, and once they were able to get back up to speed, Kyle went. Unfortunately, FOX did not show us the rest of the lap between them two, but my point is Busch straight up beat Johnson leaving pit road. This is anything knew for Kyle; time and time again he pushes the limit more than anyone else entering and exiting the pits.

As a team, Jimmie Johnson is still ahead of Kyle Busch. Obviously, he still has more patience than Kyle. But as far as pure driving goes, I would take Kyle over Jimmie any day.

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