Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will Joey Logano Make the Chase?

When I made my preseason chase predictions, I wanted to go out on a limb and pick a surprise driver. After all, there always seems to be one guy that unexpectedly has a great year. My pick, Brad Keselowski, appears to be the wrong choice (however, I am still convinced he is going to have a better season than most would expect).

After six races, it looks like I would have been much better off in going with Joey Logano. I will be the first to admit I was very tough on Joey through the first half of last year; thoughts of the next Casey Atwood even came to my mind.

I confess this was very unfair of me for a multitude of reasons. Part of my harsh critique was because of the established team he was driving for. You also cannot define one’s career in twenty races. But by season’s end Joey had a very respectable rookie season – 3 top 5’s, 7 top 10’s, 20th in points, and of course, the rain shortened victory at New Hampshire.

Respectable sure, but it was not convincing enough for many of us to think he would make the playoffs this year. In 2010 Joey has almost matched his top 5 count from last year with 2 and has 3 top 10’s – he had zero at this point last year. If Joey can keep running the way he has been, he will definitely find himself in the chase at season’s end.

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