Monday, April 12, 2010

What Defines An Exciting Race?

Trivia: Who won the last Cup race before the tragic events of 9/11?
(answer below)

After each NASCAR race I go on many message boards to see what other fans thought about it. No matter how exciting the race was, there are always plenty of people who found it boring. I know everyone has their own opinion, but lately it seems that this has become an issue more widespread. It is a shame, because I firmly believe that the racing is no less "boring" than it was ten years ago.

It really comes down to how one defines an exciting race. Racing, unlike other sports, has several variables that can produce an exciting show. Lead changes, pit strategy, photo finishes, four wide racing, and last lap passes all are ingredients for a terrific race. All are ingredients, but only one is required for excitement. My personal favorite? Lead changes. I am not talking about lead changes under caution or during green flag pit stops obviously.

Thats why it is frustrating to hear so many people complain about the lack of on track action this year. In 2010 the average amount of lead changes a race has been twenty-eight; the average in the previous ten seasons was around twenty. Unfortunately it seems like many don't see it the same way. I am curious to know what you think and welcome your opinions.

Trivia answer: Ricky Rudd at Richmond


  1. I believe with FOX and NASCAR hyping how the sport will be more like 1979 this year has hurt. Its been good racing, but the whole getting back to basics theme is silly. Also, I went back and youtube'd some of seniors finer moments and its clear that while the racing has been good, the lack of someone like dale sr. in the sport has really hurt.

  2. When I'm at the track when the leader checks out I don't pay much attention to him and watch the action all over the rest of the track and pay attention to the front of the field when the yellow comes out so I see alot of passing and action. But with watching on TV all you see is what they want you to see it does not matter that there is action going on if your team is not leading or they did not pay FOX to have their car on TV you won't know that they passed 20 cars in 15 laps and are in the top 5 until you hear one of the Parrots in the booth say where did he come from. TV is killing the sport and making the races seem boring.