Monday, March 1, 2010

Vegas Recap, Jr. and Slowica

I am already thinking this year’s championship is over. Let’s give the title to Jimmie and start on 2011, with some changes in the schedule.

Johnson could easily win 15 races this year. I really think he might do it. He could get 10 or eleven before the chase, giving him over 100 bonus points for the playoffs. This would definitely cover any bad race he may have.

Daytona gave us potholes, and now Vegas gave us faulty caution lights. You know what? I say we use these issues and make them challenges in the race. It would spice it up a little bit.

Joey Logano is starting to look like the driver he was hyped up to be. He wasn’t ready last year, but he looks like he might win a few races in 2010.

I imagine many of the Gordon haters are also Johnson haters. For those that do, you have to at least enjoy the fact that Johnson’s domination has come at Jeff’s expense.

Twitter has become a pretty fascinating tool as many NASCAR personalities give live updates and opinions. Kyle Petty and Kenny Wallace even answer fan questions. Yesterday Kyle called one fan “childish” for not watching NASCAR anymore because of Jimmie Johnson. Kyle, it’s not childish. It is apathy. When one guy wins week in and week out, many people are naturally going to lose interest. The fans don’t watch races to see who will finish second. On Kenny’s twitter account, he asks if we got tired of seeing the Bulls and Yankees winning championships. I know plenty of us got tired of seeing the Yankees win, however racing is different than football and basketball. Dynasties are more acceptable in other sports.

It is sad that nowadays, 16th place is a strong run for Dale Jr.

I am not looking to good on my prediction that Keselowski would make that chase. Not giving up yet, but it might have been wise to give that chase spot to Logano.

Speaking of my predictions, is my predicted runner up, Denny Hamlin even running this year? He has looked terrible, it must be that ACL! (Don’t flip out, I am kidding.)

Of course, I have to mention the woman everyone thinks is awesome, Slowica. Or is it Chrashica? What is DW’s fascination with her? Did you watch Trackside on Friday? I can’t wait to hear what he says about Slowica when the start and parks start outrunning her.

Now it’s on to Atlanta. And thanks to Jamie McMurray I am going to this race for a dollar! I hope and expect to see lead changes, a non-Johnson winner, and an exciting finish.


  1. Johnson is still the favorite, but its nice to see some teams who struggled last year stepping it up to atleast make the races watchable... RCR, Logano...

  2. My top candidates for anti-Christ
    -Jimmie Johnson
    -Barrack Obama
    -Jar Jar Binks
    All seemingly for good, but diabolical to the core! Heres to hoping we make it through 2012, maybe someone can stop Johnson by then... maybe.
    Go Tony!!!