Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is no such as thing as "Greatest Driver Ever," Martinsville predictions.

You simply cannot compare a driver from the 70’s to a driver of today. I like to believe David Pearson was the greatest; highest win percentage, 3 championships in 4 full time seasons, all the epic battles he and Petty had. I never drove a race car, but from what I am led to believe, it was more difficult to drive a stock car back in the day.

What if Pearson drove in today? More drivers can win races these days, but fewer can win championships. He would he drive for? Would it be the Wood Brothers still? And what about the chase? How would he handle it? How about Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart driving in the 70’s? How would they do?

There are way too many “what ifs.” There are even more possible answers. No answer could possibly be correct, just theories.

I would like to know what you guys think.
On to the predictions…

Winner - Johnson, unless Hamlin gets his… stuff straight. As a matter of fact, I really should bet on these two guys this weekend to make some quick cash. Anyone know of a good sports betting website?

Darkhorse - Ryan Newman, if he has been demoted to a darkhorse driver.

I am very excited to follow up Bristol with another short track. I really hope Martinsville doesn’t lose a race next year. It likely wont; California or Atlanta will fall victim to that (I know I vote California). Eventually however, I expect Martinsville to lose a race in the next 10 years. On the plus side - no more ugly wing to look at!

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