Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shorter Races, Life Without Johnson, Atlanta

I have read how some people loved that this past weekend’s race was under three hours, and that more races need to be that short. To that, I say if you think cup races are too long, watch the Nationwide or truck series. Nationwide pretty much has all the cup guys anyway. In my opinion, I think 500 miles are perfect. I admit, I really don’t have many other interests besides NASCAR. I spend all week waiting for the upcoming race, and those four or five hours of the week are my favorite hours of the week. If you want to shorten the races, might as well make it a ten lap shootout if you believe that’s when everything happens.

If you live in the Southeast and never been to Atlanta Motor Speedway, you definitely need to take advantage of its location and go. It’s a great track with terrific racing, and it’s in danger of losing a date. Show your support for this track; none of us want another California-Darlington-Rockingham episode.

Each week Jimmie Johnson wins, there is more talk about fans quitting the sport. I have heard some “experts” call that childish, sour grapes, and BS. I am not going to go on a long rant about this, but the fact is many people just don’t care anymore. And ratings and attendance will continue to decline. So, for those who wonder what NASCAR would be like without Johnson, I did some research. First, I went back and wrote down the runner ups to each of Johnson’s championships. Then I did the same thing with all 49 of his wins. Now this is all in good fun, so please don’t go into the technicalities of it. Here is what I found.

Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, and Matt Kenseth would have all won championships. For Martin and Edwards, it would be there one and only Cup title. Kenseth would be a two time champion, and Gordon would be on the drive for six.

Here is the list of multiple runner up finishes to Johnson:

Mark Martin (6)
Tony Stewart (5)
Matt Kenseth (5)
Jeff Gordon (4)
Carl Edwards (4)
Kyle Busch (3)
Kurt Busch (3)
Kevin Harvick (3 – with 2 of them this season)
Denny Hamlin (2)
Greg Biffle (2)
Bobby Labonte (2)

Picks for this weekend

Non-Johnson Winner – Jeff Gordon
Darkhorse- David Reuitimann

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