Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Take on the Controversial Issues in NASCAR

With an off weekend upon us, I figured I would let the readers get to know my stances on several controversial issues in NASCAR today.

Toyota- This one is a bit outdated but still important. Like many others, I resented the fact Toyota would be coming over. But with today’s economy, we need all the support from manufacturers we can get. If that means bringing Honda, even Kia over, I hesitate and say fine. Hope this recall doesn’t affect its presence at the track.

Schedule- I would be happy with a 50 race season. However, from a business standpoint, I believe 36 races are too much. It is very expensive and too many races hurt ratings.

COT- I miss the old car, but once the spoiler returns I will be content. The COT has gotten a bad rap for all the flips, but it is really a much safer car. While no driver wants to flip and it is a scary sight to see, there are many worse ways to wreck than going upside down (i.e. t-bone, sudden impact). The new car is better suited for these wrecks than the old car.

Danica- If you have read my blogs, you know how I feel on this. There are other females out there who are not only better drivers, but better looking as well. It’s unfair, but you can’t blame Danica. Blame the media.

Driver Retaliation- The biggest topic of the week. I really have a tough time with drivers retaliating with their car. Lets put the danger factor aside; that’s a whole other debate. I am fine with two drivers racing each other hard, throwing punches, trash talking. But tearing up a car affects more than the driver. Other cars could get caught up in the wreck, and the guys back at the shop are the ones who have to rebuild that car (if salvageable). We need a wrestling ring at the track!

Restrictor Plate Racing- I actually enjoy restrictor plate racing. Being from Alabama, maybe that’s home field bias. Some say its not racing; I think its artificial racing. But we all agree that the cars need to be equal, and restrictor plates do just that. There is always more lead changes, leaders, last lap passes, side by side finishes than any other track. When people tell me they hate restrictor plates, they say it’s boring or because of the big one. It’s not boring; it’s exciting. I can’t argue the big one; I hate to see it happen, but its part of it for the time being.

Buschwackers- When I started watching the Busch series, I liked to see the Cup guys, familiar faces, in the race. But in the past few years it has gotten out of hand to where it affects the Cup series. We have no rookies this year because of it (Conway and Cook don’t count). I would really like to see Allgaier, Bayne, and Brian Scott battle it out for the win on Saturday. These guys are the future of our sport.

The Chase- It’s gotta go. If you want to have “playoffs” in NASCAR, you can’t use the same points system as in the regular season. I don’t have a solution to correct the Chase; neither does anyone else. The simple answer is to get rid of it and go back to the old way.

The Struggles of Dale Earnhardt Jr.- Tony Eury Sr. isn’t his crew chief anymore. Look at the numbers since he stopped calling the shots. With that being said, Jr. is better than a 25th place driver. If he has another year like last year, it may be time to start speculating on why Rick Hendrick brought Earnhardt over.


  1. I would be nice to see Nascar set a limit on the number of nationwide races a full time cup driver can enter into. A limit would still allow the cup drivers gain more experience on certain tracks that they might want to get better at. Doing this would also give the nationwide regulars a chance to get some wins which could give them more confidence once they get to the cup level. Letting the cup guys race in the nationwide series every once in a while would still be enough to teach the nationwide guys the best lines and inform them of cup level racing etiquette. But letting buschwackers go out there week in and week out is overkill because it robs nationwide regulars of chances to win races and run for a championship.

  2. Name a female driver better looking then Danica.

  3. Jennifer Jo Cobb, Milka Duno

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