Monday, March 8, 2010

My AMS Camping Trip

Atlanta is the fourth track I have been to, and is my second consecutive trip out there.

Of the four (Talladega, Charlotte and Bristol being the others) I have quickly concluded AMS is the worst when it comes to traffic. It makes me wonder if this hurts attendance. Speaking of which….

I hear that TV didn’t hide the fact there were a lot of empty seats. From my vantage point, the Elliot grandstands looked fuller than they have ever been. My section off of turn 4 seemed to be pretty decent as well. (This was $1 ticket section, so I would expect them to be full.) However, all the empty seats in the tri-oval were very discouraging.

Not really racing related, but I hate this weather. I couldn’t sleep despite having numerous layers of clothing on, and while the daytime was great, it felt like 100 because I was still wearing my winter clothing.

I am sure most of you reading this have heard of Speed’s new program, Fast Track to Fame. For those that haven’t it is an American Idol/America’s got talent type of show. Go perform in front of three judges and the people watching at home. Like many people, I thought this sounded rather silly, not to mention old. I got to go to this weeks show in Atlanta. And while I still believe the show won’t make it, I had a blast fun hanging out the judges and other fans in the crowd; I even asked Mikey if he would let me drive the dream machine!

Thanks for reading, my thoughts about the actual race will be posted later on.


  1. Hey, this November you can come down here and we can drive to Homestead and celebrate Martin winning the Cup.