Monday, March 29, 2010

Hamlin Wins Martinsville, DVR Loses My Trust

Denny Hamlin picked up his 3rd career Martinsville finish in what I hear was a great race. Unfortunately my DVR decided to take a day off and not record the race for me. I have said it all along, don't worry about the Gibbs team yet. This 1-2 finish proves there is nothing wrong with Gibbs racing.

Other thoughts after the race:

Im sure Im not the only already thinking this, but will the return of the spoiler help the competition catch up to Jimmie Johnson? Maybe - Johnson's 9th place finish is his worst at Martinsville in 7 years.

Congrats to David Gilliland for a 19th place finish. He has had plenty of finishes better than this, but I am impressed given he is driving for Front Row Motorsports.

Good to see Newman get a top 5 after struggling mightily all year.

Looking back on my Martinsville predictions, Newman was a good darkhorse pick. But, d'oh! I forget to bet on Hamlin.

If you are a Matt Kenseth fan, you have to be in pain seeing him go from 1st to 18th in one lap. And not just any lap, but the final lap!

Speaking of Kenseth, I think that Crown Royal car has to be one of the ugliest racecars I have ever seen. On the flip side, that retro Valvoline car he had at Atlanta was pretty badass.

Greg Biffle sneaks into a 10th place finish, leaving him as the only driver with top 10s in every race.

Finally, heres how I did on my top 10 picks.

Earnhardt Jr-15th
Martin-21st (someone will need to tell me what happened here)
Burton-20th (he had a winning car atleast!)

Darn, 5 out of 10 correct. Thats better than the past few weeks, but 70 percent is my goal.

During FOX's rain delay yesterday, they did a segment on the 10 best finishes FOX has covered in there 10 years. Look for me to write what I think have been the 10 best finishes in the last decade.

One last thing- I speak for everyone here, but I am so happy the spoiler is back! Hooray for no more ugly wing!


  1. Well it looks like Gordon and Kenseth are at it again!

  2. Hamlin showed everyone why he was one of the preseason favorites to overtake Johnson. He and Kyle Busch had to pit or everyone behind them would of; I just didn't expect for Hamlin to be the one to make all of those positions up and get back to the lead like that.

    Boom Goes The Dynamite!

    This was the first race of the season thats going to sit well with me as I didn't feel the need to puke afterwards. On a closing note the wing looked great and it seemed like the drivers enjoyed it. The was exciting too.(3-wide multiple times at Martinsville!!!!)

  3. I believe you meant the spoiler looked great