Monday, March 8, 2010

Chaos In Atlanta

I suppose I will start off with the weekend’s biggest story, which unfortunately overshadows Kurt Busch’s 21st career win. Yes, I do believe Carl Edwards should be suspended one race. That has always been my opinion on over aggressive driving. Given how NASCAR wanted the drivers to have at it, I was shocked when Edwards got parked. I expect him to be docked points, fined and put on probation; the later two I still don’t quite get how that sends a message.

It seems like Kurt has picked off right where he was last year. I figured the loss of Pat Tryson would really hurt this 2 team. It is still early, but he has looked strong in every race in 2010.

What did I like most about the race? The fact that the top four were all owned by a different team.

The pole sitter has failed to lead a single lap in three consecutive races now.

It is interesting how this race has silenced everyone (myself included) about Jimmie Johnson for at least a week.

Paul Menard is 9th in points, not only in Nationwide, but Cup as well. Are we seeing JJ’s new challenger? (kidding, of course)

Gee wiz, I did awful in picking my top ten this week. I only got four out of ten correct. You can see my weekly picks at the new

Lost in the drama of BK and Carl was the green white checkered mess. It definitely needs some tweaking (I think not counting caution flags as laps might help a little bit), but as I’ve said before, I prefer a green flag finish over one that ends under yellow. It has caused some nasty wrecks, but that’s more the drivers racing hard then anything else. Let me know what you think, I am curious to hear other fans opinions on this topic.


  1. If Dale were still alive... we wouldn't be talking about driver retaliation in such a negative light. Some good old fashioned rivalries are exactly what Nascar needs. Well that and a new champ.

  2. Here's how I feel about the Green, White, Checkered finish.. It gives drivers a second chance to finish a race cleanly. No one wants to see a race finish under yellow, but no one wants to see their driver taken out on the first, second, or third attempt to finish a race. So, if you ask me, if caution comes out on a GWC, you treat it like any other caution--no passing. Beats the heck out of watching the pace car win the race and you wouldn't have this never-ending shootout.

    Now this Edwards-Keselowski 'rivalry' is ridiculous. Two drivers who combine for one win and eight top 5 finishes last season cannot have a rivalry. In fact I'd argue that there hasn't been a decent rivalry in NASCAR since I've watched (almost 15 years). There were moments with Earnhardt and Gordon, and even Stewart got into the mix, but nothing that has lasted.

    A rivalry is not created by dislike or hatred, it is created by two athletes or teams at the top of their sport always competing fiercely against one another. See Tiger/Phil, Gatti/Ward, Federer/Nadal.. These are all champions. An Edwards/Keselowski rivalry? Give me a break. The last thing we need is two mediocre drivers taking things personal and taking out other cars or even fans. Personally, I'm thrilled to know that we won't see Carl Edwards on the track the next few weeks. Hopefully he'll grow up and stop being such a punk.

  3. UPDATE: I didn't realize it was just a 'probation'.. I cannot believe Edwards will be able to get out of this without any loss of points or starts. Completely ridiculous.

  4. It depends on how you look at the term "rivalry." I hate to compare this to other sports, but look at the Iron Bowl. The Auburn Alabama rivlary is huge, though it is rare for both teams to be competing for the championship each year. On the other hand, the biggest rivalry in all of sports (Red Sox-Yankees) is between two teams contending for the World Series year in and year out. Edwards and Keselowski have potential to be champions. Edwards came close in 08 and Keselowski is running his first full season. This "feud" is very good for NASCAR as it is looking for something other than Johnson and Danica to talk about.

    And as for Edwards actions, I think what he did was borderline criminal. Had Brad gone into the stands and killed spectators, Carl would likely be charged with manslaughter. The three race probation is a joke.