Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bristol Recap

I am officially worried about attendance and ratings now. Not only was Bristol unable to sell out for the first time in over 50 races, the stands looked similar to Atlanta and Fontana. This was on my mind the entire race and it took away some enjoyment in what was a really great race.

Did this finish remind you of last springs Dover race? It was the same scenario – Greg Biffle and Tony Stewart are out front late on two fresh tires with Johnson chasing them down with four new Goodyears.

If Jimmie Johnson ends up winning ten or more races before the Chase (its still early, but it’s gonna happen) I expect there will be an overhaul to the system next year.

It was tough to see David Reuitimann run so strong only to blow an engine early, which is the second consecutive week it’s happened.

Also a heartbreaker for Marcos Ambrose, who appeared to have the fastest car in the race. Two pit road speeding penalties cost him and eventually ended up in Bristol’s version of the “big one.”

For Dale Jr. fans, you have to be excited about his 7th place run. However, I still don’t think it’s safe to say he is back. Just because he gets a top ten does not mean he is back to 2004 form. I will say he does look much improved for last year though.

Speaking of which, I noticed on Dave Newton’s (from ESPN) twitter account saying this is the highest Jr. has been in points in 48 races. Not true! He was second in the standings just four races ago.

Joey Logano led only two laps after winning Friday’s pole, but that was the most a pole sitter has led since the Daytona 500.

I really don’t understand how some people can call this race a yawner. It was the most lead changes Bristol has seen in a long time; three in the final 10 laps.

I would have to say the surprise of the day has to go to Kyle Busch. He ran poorly, smacked the wall (I thought he would have to go the garage) and managed to finish in the top 10.

Next week we have Martinsville, where it should be a great race for second (unless Denny can get his act together, then maybe we can have a battle for the win).

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  1. we'll look back on this time in Nascar and realize that these were the dark ages of the sport. One day Jimmie Johnson will be gone... one day.