Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts and Predictions - California

- Nine years ago today, we lost Dale Earnhardt. Hard to believe its been nine years already, and it makes you wonder what NASCAR would be like today if he still were alive.

- I read an article the other day that got me rather angry. The author, a former crew member in NASCAR, was not a fan of the new green white checkered rule. He believes it’s expensive for the team owners as it is going to cause a lot more crashes, which more than likely will be the case. He then goes on to question if this is what we the fans really want. Well I can tell you one thing. As a fan, I sure as hell do not want to see a race end under yellow. I hate to see a wreck fest at the end, but if it ensures that we the fans see a green flag finish, then I am all for multiple green white checkers.

- This past offseason, I watched a movie that I heard was one of the best, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Sure enough, it was amazing. And it got me to thinking, which drivers would be best for this movie? I had a tough time trying to figure it out, but my personal selection is Tony as the good, Jeff Gordon as the bad, and Kyle Busch as the ugly. This is all in good fun, so feel free to say who you would cast!

- In a bit of a surprise move, Todd Parrot replaces Drew Blickensderfer as the crew chief for Matt Kenseth. After winning his first two races calling the shots, Blick and the 17 team struggled the rest of the season, with Kenseth missing the chase for the first time in his career. I like the outlook for Matt being paired with Todd, but I do not get a crew chief change after one race.

- I like Greg Biffle to win this week. California has always been a good track for him, and after nearly winning the 500 a few days ago, I expect good things from Greg in the next few weeks.

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  1. The Good: Mark Martin
    The Bad: Brad Keselowski
    The Ugly: Travis Kvapil