Monday, February 22, 2010

California Recap

-I want to first start off by saying, I LOVE how FOX had a "storm scout" for the race. There is nothing I hate more than when a broadcast ignores the threat of rain. This kept the viewers not only informed of the forecast, but optimistic that the race would go atleast halfway.

-I am not much of a televsion critic, but it seemed FOX struggled with their race coverage yesterday. There were too many in-car camera shots for my taste; I enjoy this every now and then, but not when there is racing on the track. Which brings me to my next issue. I went ape when FOX decided it was better to show Jeff Hammond and the cutaway car when Harvick and Johnson were battling for the lead. THis is plain ridiculous and I believe should be shown only under caution. We miss enough racing due to commercials as it already is. One last thing, I wish they would not crank it up on restarts. Restarts produce the most exciting action, and should have some announcing to go with it.

-As for the actual racing, it was pretty good for a California race. Unfortunately, I havent changed my opinion of this racetrack (which is demolish it).

-Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus finally won my respect after Homestead. But, for the love of God, I would really like to see some new champions and race winners. I know they don't win every race, but they always are up top in the practice charts and seem to be the car to beat in every race. I understand some people like dominance and dynasties; I enjoyed watching Shumacher tear it up in F1. The difference with that is, I didnt watch F1 week in and week out. I watch NASCAR every week, and maybe if I watched it sparingly it would be fun to watch Johnson.

-As for the other drivers, I was impressed with last years rookies, Joey Logano and Scott Speed. Its still early ofcourse, but I get the feeling Logano might be the guy that sneaks into the chase. He is starting to visit the top ten more often, and it appears he is alot more comfortable in the cup car this year. As for Speed, well, I don't think he will have to worry about qualifying on time next year!

-My biggest disappointment so far this year? Marcos Ambrose. Sure, Kahne is off to a terrible start and so is Newman, but Kahne has atleast been running good and I honestly didn't expect much from Newman this year anyway. I expected Ambrose to possibly be a top 15 driver this year, and he still might be. But the performance and durability isn't there after the first two races.

-For you Stewart fans, ninth should feel like a win yesterday. Tony struggled all weekend in practice. Then, after running out of the top 20 the first quarter of the race, the 14 team slowly worked their way up to 15th. With the help of some attrition and speeding penalites by other drivers, Tony ran as high as 5th before settling for a 9th place finish.

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  1. It was good to see Logano get a good result this early in the year. I think getting roughed up by Biffle and Keselowski might have fired him up a little.
    Driver rivalries are another thing that might spice up the racing a little bit. And after seeing how fired up Joey was after Saturday's Nationwide race, I wouldn't be suprised to see a little retribution coming Biffle's way sometime in the near future...